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Saber and Sacrifice is the brainchild of a young Indian entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast.
After failing to find the perfect fitness clothing that was up to the mark and hit all the right targets, whether it was durability, design, size, style and sometimes all of the above, we decided to set a standard and manufacture clothing that would hit the mark and change the way fitness clothing is perceived on a whole.

We're here to upscale the momentum around training and gym wear in India and bring a new perspective to the game. Watching the Indian fitness industry grow over the years has been our biggest motivation to contribute to its development by playing our part to provide the best. Premium fabrics with higher GSM and incorporating art into our designs, we entrust you with fitness clothing that are built to endure high intensity workouts, athletic training and bring you comfort that's designed for function and aesthetic.

We believe that betterment comes with sacrifice and persistence.

We hope to accompany you on your journey towards betterment as you unleash your potential, grow in strength and most importantly OVERCOME EVERYTHING.

Our Vision

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